On the Quest for Wholeness

On the Quest for Wholeness

Posted on:May 20 2016
Captured by:Austin M
Method:Previous Writings

I think the internal quest to be fully human is a quest for wholeness. Our divided selves reflect our distance from the ideal. As we pursue full integration; an undivided heart, we are in fact moving towards the actualization of our person. This pursuit inevitably integrates all of the pathos within an individual. Such an integration artfully encompasses symmetry.

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  1. Bill Westwood says:

    Great thought….I am one with the idea that to become whole and fully human are one and the same. However it rather uncomfortably suggests that I embrace the shadow in myself and come to terms with the things that, at the deepest level, i know about myself but do not want to know. More often than not I would prefer to have relief from the symptoms of my divided heart rather than seek the courage to be healed of one. I consider the quest for this wholeness to be the greatest and most meaningful human journey, the one that requires the greatest courage.

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