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Conversion Rate Optimization Live Stream: Live optimization with Flint McGlaughlin, Founder, MECLABS

Topic:Leadership, Webinars, Lectures
Posted on:Oct 21, 2021
Published by:Jane

Flint McGlaughlin was one of the early originators of conversion rate optimization on the World Wide Web, overseeing a team that has conducted thousands of experiments. Based on these aggregate discoveries into why people say “yes,” he patented a series of heuristics (thought tools) to give marketers and entrepreneurs a methodology they can use to increase the probability of conversion.

After providing a quick primer on his discoveries, Flint conducted live optimization on audience submissions to show you real-world examples of how you can put this proven methodology into practice.


0:00 Welcome to the new course – Become a Master at Creating and Optimizing High-Converting Web Pages
1:18 Case study – Precision Tax
13:44 Live optimization – Ship Expert (homepage of a B2B company)
25:56 Live optimization – The Muscle Relaxers mass therapist (homepage of a local service)
31:19 Live optimization – Dowd Heat & Air (homepage of a local service)
41:13 Live optimization – Jebena Specialty Coffee coffee roasters (homepage of an ecommerce product)
46:40 Live optimization – Leftronic tech and software jobs (homepage of a job search website)
50:58 Live optimization – Kommando Tech (smartphone reviews page for affiliate marketing)
1:05:45 Live optimization – Green Salt (ecommerce product)
1:12:27 Live optimization – Lingua Linkup online language tutors (landing page)

This live optimization was based on the teachings from MECLABS new online training – “Become a Master at Creating and Optimizing High-Converting Webpages.” The course is fully underwritten by MECLABS, with no monetary cost to participants –

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The Implied Value Proposition: Three ways to transform your sales copy

Posted on:Aug 3, 2021
Published by:Jane

Is your copy focused on what your company wants customers to do?

Or what the customer gets?

Flint McGlaughlin teaches marketers how to improve their copy in this Fast Class video.

Watch this seven-minute video now to learn from an email headline test that produced a 104% increase in leads.

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Accelerating Lead Capture: Four psychological keys that transform conversion rates

Posted on:Aug 3, 2021
Published by:Jane

How many wasted words are on your lead capture landing pages? Are they hindering your conversion rates?

Flint McGlaughlin shares a quick (but deep) lesson about improving the conversion power of your webpage messaging in Accelerating Lead Capture: Four psychological keys that transform conversion rates.

Watch this microclass video now to learn from a lead generation test that produced a 326% increase in conversion.

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Research-based Lead Gen Swipe File: 22 valid marketing experiments to give you ideas for your next A/B test –


How to Create a Model of Your Customer’s Mind –

The Zen of Headline Writing: Learn the easiest way for any marketer to drive a conversion increase –

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Design Layout: How to structure your web page or email for maximum conversion

Posted on:Aug 3, 2021
Published by:Jane

Which landing page or email design layout will produce the highest clickthrough? It is a critical question every marketer must answer to maximize the conversion rates of their landing pages and email – and get an ROI on all the budget they invest in driving traffic to those landing pages and attracting opt-ins to that email list. Flint McGlaughlin gives you a quick (but deep) insight into this critical question in this quick video. Watch now to get inspiration and insight before you create your next page or email.

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FREE RESOURCE Research-Backed Landing Page Templates to Scale Up Your Testing Program –

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The Marketer as Philosopher, Episode 3
The Conversion Heuristic Analysis: Overcoming the prospect’s perception gap

Topic:Method, Philosophy
Posted on:Sep 23, 2020
Published by:Cliff

Some marketers try to discount their way to success. But sustainable marketing success doesn’t come from endless incentives – marketers succeed when they are able to help the customer accurately perceive the value in the products and services they sell.

That is no easy task. Because there is a natural gap between marketers and customers, between how we perceive the value of our products and how an external customer views the product.

Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute, uses a product tag along with a pair of case studies to help you close that gap. Watch this episode now to discover how to see conversion opportunities through the mind of the prospect and learn five practical ways to increase perceived value and achieve your marketing results. (MECLABS is the parent organization of MarketingExperiments)

Here are some key points in the video:

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Data Pattern Analysis: Learn from a coaching session with Flint McGlaughlin

Posted on:Aug 26, 2020
Published by:Cliff

How would you translate your company’s data and analytics into a step-by-step plan to grow the business? Where is your company’s most significant conversion opportunity? Can you detect any intriguing patterns in your company’s metrics?

To help you organize your data, pinpoint funnel leaks and increase conversion, MarketingExperiments held a live, interactive coaching session with Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute.

This first-ever coaching session from MarketingExperiments focused on practical application of a methodology to help you get more value from your data. Participants from around the globe interacted with MECLABS Institute's CEO and Managing Director Flint McGlaughlin, Director of Research Services Matthew Klein and Director of Hypotheses Development Danitza Dragovic to discuss specific data challenges, ask questions about the lessons taught in The Marketer as Philosopher Episode 2, and get direct help in using the free Data Pattern Analysis Tool to increase conversion.

See below for specific questions that were addressed, along with time stamps in the video for those questions, if you would like to jump to a specific topic that addresses your immediate needs.

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The Marketer as Philosopher Episode 2
The Data Pattern Analysis: 3 ways to turn info into insight

Topic:Webinars, Philosophy, Method
Posted on:Aug 11, 2020
Length:23 min
Published by:Linda

Data-driven marketing has become an increasingly popular topic in the marketing industry. But it’s as easy to be overwhelmed by data as it is to utilize it to drive your marketing.

In Episode 2 of The Marketer as Philosopher: Become a Force for the Good, Flint McGlaughlin teaches how you can transform your data into wisdom. The CEO and Managing Director of MECLABS Institute (parent organization of MarketingExperiments) teaches viewers how to

→ Use a simple but powerful spreadsheet tool that will help you tame your metrics (click here to download your free Data Pattern Analysis tool)

→ Simplify your marketing goals with just three ratios that any marketer can understand

→ Treat these ratios as dials you can turn in the right combination and order to unlock transformational results

McGlaughlin uses real-world data from TenbyThree© — a unique nonprofit that sells products — to illustrate these points with a specific example. Since the organization is a nonprofit, it has allowed transparent sharing of its journey to increase sales. While engaging with the show, any insights you add that help to increase sales for Ten by Three will also do good by helping to reduce poverty for artisans throughout the world.

Here are some key points in the video:

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The Marketer as Philosopher: Become a Force for the Good (Season 1, Episode 1)

Topic:Method, Philosophy
Posted on:Jun 10, 2020
Length:8:33 min
Published by:Linda

Marketing transcends technology or data or even business. Marketing is the art and science of letting people know when value is created — value that will help them achieve a goal or overcome a pain point.

And yet, too many marketers are trapped under a myopic view of their role in society. You’re told you just need to hit numbers. You’re told you just need to please clients.

Marketer, you do so much more.

MarketingExperiments has launched a new YouTube show. The Marketer as Philosopher: Become a Force for the Good is meant to teach marketers how to improve your marketing skills while applying them to a worthy endeavor to benefit real people, right now.

Join us in the coming weeks as MECLABS CEO and Managing Director Flint McGlaughlin works through seven key tools to help struggling nonprofit Ten by Three®, an organization working to create a sustainable end to poverty in Bangladesh, Ghana, Madagascar, Uganda, Togo and Kenya.

You can learn more about the nonprofit Ten by Three

The Hidden Opportunity Within the COVID-19 Crisis : Three ways to transform your work and your life

Topic:Philosophy, Webinars
Posted on:Apr 9, 2020
Published by:Linda

As a global pandemic grips modern society, most of the conversation has focused around the negative impacts facing individuals, organizations and society as a whole.

Many people are hurting today. That cannot be understated.

However, even COVID-19 has a silver lining. Deeply painful experiences can also be deeply transformational. You can use these difficult moments in time to change the arc of your life.

In this YouTube Live session replay, Flint McGlaughlin discusses how to make the most of these hidden and emerging opportunities.

The Managing Director and CEO of MECLABS Institute shares what he’s learned from three decades of leading and helping with business, nonprofit, educational and personal transformations.

Key points in the video:

4:27 We need to realize the importance of understanding meaning within the current global crisis.

9:10 Victor Frankl Holocaust survivor said it’s up to people to decide what to do in a difficult circumstance. We still have the power to choose.

10:34 Flint’s dad and mentor said no one can take from you your power to react in the right way.

14:09 Victor Frankl: Three ways to discover meaning in life, but the third is our focus today

16:43 Catra from the book “Born to Run” was a meth addict who transformed her life

24:00 An explanation of Catra’s transformation

35:01 Factors that can lead to a shift in one’s perception of the value of something: intensity, context, satiation

38:56 Simply trying harder is not transformative. You must get your focus off of self.

The Marketer and Buyer Anxiety: Three ways to counter anxiety in the purchase funnel

Topic:Webinars, Method
Posted on:Apr 9, 2020
Published by:Linda

Anxiety is a double-edged sword. It can drive people to make helpful, rational choices – like increasing the frequency and thoroughness of their handwashing or choosing to stay home to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

But the novel coronavirus pandemic has instantly triggered new irrational anxieties as well, anxieties that didn’t exist in your customers just weeks ago, and therefore, are not addressed by your purchase funnel.

MECLABS Institute’s patented Conversion Heuristic methodology has helped marketers better serve customers and optimize conversion rates by addressing customer anxiety (along with many other factors) for years.

In this free public talk on YouTube Live, Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute (parent organization of MarketingExperiments), demystifies customer anxiety and applies more than two decades of research into why customers say “yes” to help you optimize your marketing and sales paths.

Key points in the video:

1:25 How the MECLABS family of research brands is responding to the COVID-19 crisis

3:37 Examples of irrational customer anxiety in marketing

9:45 1st point: When you realize the deepest source of anxiety is not from external factors, you will know how to correct it on your pages.

17:30 2nd point: Using testimonials incorrectly can amplify anxiety instead of reverse it.

21:58 Example of a good testimonial strategy: (Preponderance of Evidence) – Job Test Prep

22:50 Example of a good testimonial strategy: (High Authority Evidence) – MoCASec technology

25:15 Three types of testimonials you should not use

26:07 Live Optimization for mitigating anxiety: Viome gut health

33:56 3rd point: We need to learn how to treat classic purchase anxiety.

35:23 Case Study: How mitigating anxiety increased conversion 260% – VoIP Business Phone Solutions

If you would like your landing page considered for review in a future session, send the link and info to us. Even if your webpage isn’t chosen, you can learn from the optimization of your peers’ pages to get new ideas for improving your marketing.

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