Below is a collection of Dr. McGlaughlin's observations. Most of these observations are made throughout the course of everyday life, captured by dictation, and added to FlintsNotes. Feel free to leave a comment.
Apr 03 2020

More than ever, we need each other now

Last night on the beach, I saw a young boy…
Apr 03 2020

Marketing as an Artful Science

The marketer, as both scientist and poet, transcends the ordinary…
Mar 06 2020

The Essence of Entrepreneurship

The essence of entrepreneurship is marketing; the essence of marketing…
Mar 06 2020

The Marketer/Philosopher as an Essentialist

The Marketer/Philosopher is an essentialist. They serve the "each" as…
Mar 06 2020

On Living a Satisfying Life

If you would live a satisfying life, then pay attention…
Feb 07 2020

Internal Clarity vs. External Clarity

Marketers, in their role as philosopher, must keep management from…
Jan 30 2020

Consensus vs. Conversion

Consensus is the killer of conversion.-Flint McGlaughlinMECLABS Institute
Jan 24 2020

The Four-Part Perspective of Marketing

All of marketing can be organized and visualized with a…
Oct 31 2019

Beware of Pseudo-Certainty

Beware of pseudo-certainty. It may be more dangerous than any…
Oct 08 2019

Priorities in Achievement and Physical Athleticism

In life, when it comes to achievement - but also…