On Ancient Egypt and Cycles of Renewal

On Ancient Egypt and Cycles of Renewal

Posted on:Sep 22 2007
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In the late dynastic period of Ancient Egypt there was a return to the old war ways. The ancient kingdom text was re-inscribed on the sacred tomb walls. The ancient rituals were renewed. Apparently, the Egyptians experienced an “old fashioned revival.”

Human nature is so cyclical. As Solomon said, “What once was, will be again. . . .” The follower of Christ must concede that apart from the work of the Spirit, there are sub cycles within our culture.

This applies not only to civilizations, but to the stages in a man’s life. Clearly the secular can make a case for the fact that much of what happens in Christian “renewal” is the result of sociological influence.

Nevertheless, this is only right – if it is right; the truth is where you find it – whether we can explain it away or not. The truth is not subject to probability. Probability is subject to truth.

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