On the Categorization of Elements for Planning and Analysis

On the Categorization of Elements for Planning and Analysis

Posted on:Oct 11 2007
Captured by:David J

I need to understand, yet again, an essential categorization that will permit me to break all elements down so as to organize my efforts. For thirty years, I have anguished over this issue. Still, at least I have made some progress. I know that I must break elements down into their entities and actions (subjects and predicates). However, this does not leave room for principles.

Principles can be considered entities and fit therefore into the framework. Nevertheless, this does not yield a useful enough result. One may think of entities and actions, and one may add the slightly obtuse third aspect of triangulation: principles. Principles relate in this way: they constrain the actions of the entities.

A fourth concept might be used, particularly when one is leaving room for intuitive/prayer-centered input. This fourth aspect could be called “emphasis.” Emphasis is the wildcard. It does not have to fit the organizational structure of the rational mind. It is derived from the perception capacity.

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