On Energy Management and the Entrepreneur

On Energy Management and the Entrepreneur

Posted on:Oct 03 2011
Captured by:David J

The more one develops an organization, the more one realizes the significance of their personal energy investment. Every productive moment counts. Every productive moment influences the ultimate outcome. But the operative word in the previous sentence is this, “Productive”.

It is not that every moment counts, it is that every productive moment counts. As you become conscious of your energy investment, you recognize certain truths:

1. You have wasted significant amounts of energy in the past. This waste is derived from two problems:
a. You have not invested the proper energy in the organization (you were distracted and thus diluted your energy).
b. You were investing energy but it was not productive.

The full recognition of this truth brings deep regret. Your only solace is found in a second point:

2. That your hyper consciousness of the regret can lead you to significant gains in the future.
You may waste energy, but relative to those around you, you will waste less.

As I wrote some 30 years ago in my journal, one should ask this question constantly: “What is the most productive use of my time at this moment?”

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