On Aligning your “Wants” with your “Oughts”

On Aligning your “Wants” with your “Oughts”

Posted on:Mar 16 2016
Captured by:Paul C
Method:Previous Writings

The secret to a life of wholeness is this: getting things “lined up inside of you” so that your “wants” match your “oughts.” This condition is a spiritual-architectural state of integrity. One must align what they say they want with what they actually want. Any other condition promotes a deadly deception. We deceive others, but worse we deceive ourselves.

In those cases where we cannot align our “oughts” with our “wants,” we tend to challenge our wants (a religious approach), but there are insights to be gleaned with the inverse perspective. Sometimes we should challenge our “oughts.

Indeed, no matter how wrong our “wants” appear to be, they often hold the key to wholeness and even spiritual authenticity. Breakthrough can occur when we purify a surface “want” (even if it appears to be “sin”) by discovering the “want” within the “want.

At these deeper levels, one may discern his own spiritual DNA and, in doing so, discover a new epicenter of spiritual energy. This energy serves as source and also as direction. For when energy is aligned, it is focused. And when energy is focused, it is intensified. And when energy is intensified, it is (most) potent.


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