On Balancing My Concentration

On Balancing My Concentration

Posted on:Feb 10 2011
Captured by:David J

As I drive, I often dictate. I have my phone mounted on the windshield so I can keep my eyes on the road. This requires an audio operation, so that my hands remain free. Still, I must learn to balance the amount of energy vested in my road concentration, and my observation. I don’t want to be foolish. At the same time, I need to maximize the time I have on the road. I often have a driver, but lately I have tried to do most of this work on short trips. When I am not driving, I am listening to my research content, as it is in audio form. I think the point of this observation is that I need to learn, always to balance my attention. It is more than a matter of my driving. It has to do with my actions of everyday life.

I need to be careful that when my son is talking to me, he is not getting an 80/20 split in favor of my thought process. I need to be careful that when my wife calls, I disengage completely and give her 100% of my attention. I need to be careful that when I come home from work, I leave work behind. In all of these ways, I need to figure out my attention priorities and order them properly to achieve maximum productivity.

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