On Being Convinced in the Face of Uncertainty

On Being Convinced in the Face of Uncertainty

Posted on:Jun 22 2016
Captured by:David J
Method:Previous Writings

What does it mean to say that I am convinced of something? What does it mean that anyone says that they are convinced? I suspect that the limitation of words makes this particular declaration dangerous. It likely means different things to different people. Being convinced might be a state of mind, based on something someone feels in terms of certainty, or probability. It might be a decision made in light of the fact that one cannot establish probability. One man needs a criterion, such as “inference to the best explanation,” another, needs a sense deep down in their spirit.

For me, being convinced is a very important statement. It is important because it is distinguished from being certain. I may not be certain, but I can be convinced. All of my life must be lived out of this place. I cannot live out of a condition of absolute uncertainty. Though I recognize my inability to ever be certain, I affirm that I can reach a place where I am convinced. For me, this convincing equates with risk. It is a statement that embraces risk.

I am not certain of anything, but I am convinced of many things.


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