On Capacity and the Organization

On Capacity and the Organization

Posted on:Aug 17 2010
Captured by:David J

As the leadership model in my life unfolds, I understand more pointedly why I focus on capacity. I typically view an organization in three parts: health, capacity, and production. An organization must increase its health, its capacity, and its production or output. An organization that concentrates exclusively on output will soon have issues with its health (and could well outstrip its capacity). An organization that focuses solely on capacity will also have health issues and thus anemic productivity (it can become too self-focused).

I could go on with the implications, but the point is only this: time and time again when I am not sure as to where God is leading, I focus on capacity. At best I am just a middle manager in the Kingdom. I really can’t move forward until I get the “memo”. I need a directive. In the absence of a directive, I focus on capacity. This ensures that I am ready, very ready for production.

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