On Categorizing Philosophical Questions

On Categorizing Philosophical Questions

Posted on:Oct 06 2007
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I am seeking some means of categorizing those most important philosophical questions. In this way, I can at least work through some form of priority.

This raises a question in my mind: why do we assume methodology to be second to the substance of its fruit? Indeed, methodology so determines outcome, that it must become essential to foundational philosophical priorities. With an improper methodology, I cannot even arrive at first questions.

This leads to a loop in epistemology: the epistemology of epistemology of epistemology,ad infinitum. This contributes to the ultimate frustration, despair, or futility associated with anyone’s attempt to truly exist.

We are all so desperate. Those who have not thought through the implications of our desperate situation have medicated themselves with our own illusions.

Still, I will try.


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