On Collective Power

On Collective Power

Posted on:Oct 08 2007
Captured by:Austin M

It occurs to me that the most potent power is collective. This is true because in our world no single person can have absolute power.

God is other. God can have such power. We cannot.

Even the most ruthless dictator’s power is based on a collective. That collective may consist of his army and political allies, but it is still a collective. Even so, all power is derived from a collective.

This has particular bearing as I am thinking about the way in which to accomplish the most for the King. It is not the personal power, financial or otherwise, that I generate. It is the collective power that I may aggregate. This is to say, the more I can do to unify potential power sources from around the world, the more I can accomplish. This leads to many other complications; namely, that my power would be derived from my influence rather than my resources.


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