On Communicating with Entrepreneurs

On Communicating with Entrepreneurs

Posted on:Nov 22 2016
Captured by:Austin M
Method:Previous Writings

Communicating to entrepreneurs is different than communicating with academics. This is a point that doesn’t need much elucidation. Still, it is important to understand a critical distinction:

The entrepreneur operates from a set of common sense assertions. These warrants only receive a cursory examination and then the entrepreneur proceeds to action. His willingness to do this is based upon at least two factors:

  1. He is, by nature a risk taker, and he will risk the truth of his assumptions, believing that the probabilities are high and that he would lose too much of his time in a prolonged attempt to validate.
  2. His bias for action is a gift, and it is within his nature to exercise that gift.

If one is to communicate successfully to an entrepreneur, then one must be careful not to spend too much time on those warrants that he has asserted. The entrepreneur will quickly lose interest, as his mind is focused on immediate execution rather than contemplation.


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