On Communication and the Importance of Implied Contracts

On Communication and the Importance of Implied Contracts

Posted on:May 14 2014
Captured by:Flint M

The communicator, particularly the writer and the speaker, must be aware and constantly utilize implied contracts. Implied contracts are “deals” that you make with your audience. If you do this I will do that. For instance, if you will give me the next 30 minutes of your attention, I will give you the top five learnings from 500 experiments. There is a way to craft this “agreement” with your audience – and this agreement has its own value proposition.

What you are doing is suggesting an exchange: their attention for your content. Like any value proposition, its force is measured across four components: clarity, credibility, appeal, and exclusivity. Every single presentation has a value proposition. Because there is a value exchange, there is an opportunity for you to craft, intentionally, at the front of your engagement a mutually rich agreement. 



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