On Consciousness as the Knowing of My “Knowing”

On Consciousness as the Knowing of My “Knowing”

Posted on:Apr 18 2015
Captured by:Austin M
Method:Previous Writings

Somehow my (self)consciousness seems as though it is more than a unity of subject and object. When I dream (or when I am on the edge of sleep), my thoughts are projected in images. Some of these images are extraordinary. I say extraordinary because they are visually so different from what is happening in the mental. Different or not, they are connected. It is as if my rational becomes visual. (Is this symbiosis at the root of art? Was Schiller correct? Is art the highest expression?)

Is consciousness the knowing of my knowing? Is there a lesser state that is delineated by degrees of the same? Or is it wholly other in its classification? My consciousness seems a doubling of myself. It is self, knowing self. Consciousness is viewed within context, but does consciousness change when I reflect upon myself? At this point, my subjective becomes my objective. I am both subject and object. Is this a unity, or does it only seem to be a unity?

I’m asking many questions, but some of these are not questions. They are answers disguised as questions. I worry over my plurality. I fear my plurality could be confused with unity. Unity is the one; plurality is the aggregate. Unity may be reconsidered as a compound noun, and in this form, it betrays its disguise. With this disguise, the knowing of my knowing may be perceived as an infinite loop. 


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