On Contemplating the Ultimate

On Contemplating the Ultimate

Posted on:Sep 13 2008
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Consider this: There are many things I cannot know. And because I cannot know them, I conclude that I am a limited being. The knowledge of my limitations motivates me to consider the possibility of a being that is virtually unlimited. In this way, I discover the possibilities of the Ultimate (GOD) – through the impossibilities of the incipient (myself).

Now I experience a kind of conflicting emotion. It is one part awe, and one part fear. The more I consider the possibility of the Ultimate, the more I experience awe. This awe leads to a kind of fear. I am helpless. What if the Ultimate is against me?

Could I teach this with a novel and with journal entries? I think it might be possible. It might make this accessible.

Some of this may be understood through my previous work on “entity, acts, within environment”: Entities (incipient and Ultimate), Acts, and Environment.

  1. The Ultimate is self-attesting.
  2. The Incipient is dependent upon the Ultimate
  3. The Incipient cannot be (independently) certain of truth
  4. Yet the Incipient must try (How can he do otherwise?), hoping that the Ultimate will help
  5. Even then, the Incipient must respond to this help, without certainty, because the decision still seems to involve his limited judgment.



  • Could I represent all of this as “the incipient realizes. . .”
  • Christianity must be thought of as way, not just as beliefs. It is a way to live. These various theological approaches are to be mediated through obedience. Theology may be understood through obedience.
  • We say, “Who is God?” The Psalmist says, “Who is man. . .?”
  • I am considering a book on God. I want to worship. I want to engage in a kind of theoretical, theological physics. What should be the direction of this thinking? Do I write this for others, or do I write this for me? I know it is ultimately for the Ultimate, but I must consider how it is to be interpreted. The title could be this: The Possibility of God. Maybe it ought to be this: The Possibilities of God. What are the chapters? It could have two sections: “Possibilities” and “God”.
  • Think of worship as alignment.


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