On Convergence and Spiritual Health

On Convergence and Spiritual Health

Posted on:Dec 13 2013
Captured by:David J
Method:Previous Writings

Elsewhere I have written about the principle of unity. I have also written about convergence. I want to suggest that health in the fullest sense is often identified with convergence. That is a unity or synchronicity of parts, or more, the parts working as a whole. The opposite is divergence. Divergence is the breaking down into factions. I am not speaking of the word diversification, with its positive connotation. I am looking to employ two terms in two very specific ways. Both ways will eventually work their way into my theological writing. The aim is convergence. The bane is divergence. One might say that dishonesty is a reflection of divergence. That is that the parts do not really agree. They are out of alignment.

In some sense integrity equals convergence. Love equals convergence. Even the sexual act is a form of convergence. The sexual act in proper context is a kind of ultimate convergence. Much more can be written about these two concepts. One might be able to discern a threat to their spiritual health by detecting an early indication of divergence.


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