On Creative Energy and Idea Generation

On Creative Energy and Idea Generation

Posted on:Apr 30 2015
Captured by:David J
Method:Previous Writings

I’ve noticed that the creative process, as it results in idea generation, can fill one’s mind with a difficult-to-describe-but-ecstatic-to-experience “creative energy.” When this occurs, we often stop and relish the new idea. This can be a mistake. The delay should be minimal. One should contemplate the new idea just long enough to intensify the force of this creative energy.

The best time to generate a powerful idea is right after you have generated another. Powerful ideas tend to come in succession. At times, it is even helpful to challenge the first with a counter. In any event, we often stop too soon. We need to learn to extend our creative energy. Creative concentration should be less exhausting and more exhaustive.


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