On Deep Connections to My Church’s Past

On Deep Connections to My Church’s Past

Posted on:Mar 17 2009
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As I work back through the various streams of Church History, it’s fascinating to discover the deep connections between my present and the church’s past. I am experiencing a deeper awareness of my puritan roots. And yet, I find a close connection to the Desert Fathers.

There are aspects of Eastern Orthodox theology that connect deeply with the longings of my soul. Bonaventure, the Catholic saint, with his deep appreciation for the diffusion of love throughout creation, can bring me to tears. The Collations have stirred me as the Philokalia.

This evening, it has been John Garry, a puritan reflecting on puritans, who has touched me deeply. It does seem that, despite my connection to these various streams, I have a special relationship with my puritan brothers.

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