On Devising a New Way to “Foundationalize” my Thinking

On Devising a New Way to “Foundationalize” my Thinking

Posted on:Dec 11 2007
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Because of the limitations in language, and because I cannot make paper multidimensional, it is so difficult to accurately place on paper what I perceive. It is a source of endless angst.

I must constantly remind myself that all my thinking is provisional (AMTIP). I must keep this from derailing my work. In an effort towards some measure of peace, I may be able to adopt a new way to base my thinking. I am thinking of working from text and example: drawing out of the text (perhaps scripture) the foundational structure for (from?) which I think.

For example: rather than trying to write the perfect description of management, I may be able to write a particular approach based upon a given text. This particular approach becomes a different kind of approximation. There is peace in it, for me at least, in so much that it is potentially more accurate because of its particular connection with the text.

I hope this is more than an act of desperation. It may lead to a new way, at least for me, to exegete.

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