On Discerning What God Wants in Your Life

On Discerning What God Wants in Your Life

Posted on:Oct 15 2008
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I suspect that there is a point in time when your seeking for what God wants is superseded by something that you desperately want for God. I suspect that this is the point in which you have actually discovered what it is that God wants from you.

There is a nexus between your searching and his wooing. When you come to the point when you are desperate to do something for Him, when this something is so compelling that you would almost risk doing it, even if you weren’t sure it was best, you may have found what it is He wants. In a sense, I am observing that there may be a point where your desire to know God’s perfect will is overtaken with your desire to seek something special that is emerging in your heart. It is at this very point where you may be discovering what it is that God desires from you.

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