On Discipleship in the Home

On Discipleship in the Home

Posted on:Apr 02 2008
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These are some thoughts regarding our primary discipleship effort.

First of all, discipleship begins in the home. We cannot easily pass our responsibilities there on our way to working with others. Moreover, we need to make this discipleship central to our ministries.

The third “wave” of the Holy Spirit is to emphasize the events in the life of Jesus. We must balance this emphasis with the attention to the processes in the life of Jesus.

The Jesus who healed the sick is the Jesus who built his ministry upon the process of discipleship. This requires a disproportionate investment into a few people.

I need to stress the significance of a disproportionate investment. It means spending more time, more money, more energy, on a group of people than at first seems justifiable.

One must recognize the significance of impacting a few important lives.

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