On Discovering What You Want the Most

On Discovering What You Want the Most

Posted on:May 25 2016
Captured by:Steven S

Discover what you want the most. It is the only way you will have the power to achieve internal alignment. We live the first part of our lives kidding ourselves about what we want the most. We say what we want the most, but it is not the truth.

For instance, we say that most of all we want to build a beautiful family, but that is not true. Indeed, it is not until our kids are almost gone that we realize what we wanted most was to achieve an image of success. And so we live a life of contradiction.

The lies we tell ourselves are more potent than the lies we tell others. And one of the greatest self-deceptions is the lie we tell ourselves about what we really want the most. Living your whole life in a web of inter-linked activities that serve what you think you want the most, but not what you really want the most is a life doomed to dissatisfaction.

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  1. Mark E. Bertrand says:

    I feel that self-deception is a way to preserve our need for the feeling of significance and importance.

    When we do not truly understand what it is that makes you come alive, that makes you feel purposeful and happy, then often our need for importance is manifested in other ways. It could be in correcting others, bragging to others etc. But this all boils down to the a fundamental truth motivating one’s actions.

    When you don’t have your purpose you will lie to everyone, including yourself, in order to stave off the fear of psychological death. That is, after all, why we are so driven to find the purpose in the first place.

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