On Entering Your Child’s World

On Entering Your Child’s World

Posted on:Jul 09 2014
Captured by:David J
Method:Previous Writings

It seems that I often bring my children into my world. They accompany me to work and they go with me on trips to India and London. But I feel that I am not entering their small world often enough. Tonight, it strikes me that I must somehow leave my place and go to theirs. It is not enough for me to bring them into mine.

In practical terms, I must learn to enjoy the games that they enjoy. Learn to engage deeply in the trifles of their conversation. Learn to see a photograph or a cartoon with the minute details with which they see it. I must find a way in.

This is perhaps obvious to others but for me it is profound. I think I must be careful of being so intent on exposing them to a world of my experience that I have failed to expose myself to their world experience.


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