On Exodus 19:4

On Exodus 19:4

Posted on:May 27 2008
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The Scripture says, “You yourselves have seen what I did to Egypt, and how I carried you on eagle’s wings and brought you to myself.” This is a profound insight into the heart of God. In the mind of the Israelites, they were going to some place, not to someone. They were going to the Promised Land. But in actuality God was drawing them into Himself. Often, what I perceive as a problem with circumstances is actually a problem with myself. I focus on my circumstances, while God focuses on my character. So often, God is using my circumstances to draw me into Himself.

It is also interesting to note that God’s plan for Israel is laid out in verse 5, which was to obey – to keep their covenant. In response, he promised to help them become someone. Note the phrase “you will be” in verse 5.

So then, God was drawing them to Himself. In the process, He was asking them to keep a covenant of obedience. And finally, He was promising to help them become someone.

This general approach is so contrary to the Western mindset that it is difficult for us to fathom. We can hear the words and agree with the words, but it is difficult for us to live the words. Most of us place the goal on achievement. But the goal is Him – and thus obedience. The result is this: that we become someone. But the becoming process is something God himself directs.

Our role is obedience.

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