On Exodus 33

On Exodus 33

Posted on:Sep 28 2008
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In verse 11, Joshua, Moses’ young apprentice, remained in the tent. I find it fascinating that Moses included Joshua in this activity. It is instructional for me. I need to make certain that any work I do with these young apprentices of the Kingdom includes their exposure to an authentic prayer life.

I find verses 12 to 23 among the most meaningful in the entire Scripture. They are meaningful to me because they are about the Presence. Moses would not proceed without the Presence of God.

God answers Moses’ request with two significant affirmations. They are the two affirmations that every man wants to experience or to hear: I know you by name and I am pleased with you.

There in one sentence is both intimacy and acceptance. Every human soul craves it. Every son needs this from his father. Every human being needs this from his God. I desperately need it. I live for it. I go into the “tent of meeting” and worship in the Presence of God. And while I am there, and he gives me direction, may I experience his intimacy and favor. God grant me an understanding of these truths.

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