On Facing Organizational Realities

On Facing Organizational Realities

Posted on:Aug 12 2008
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Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan have reminded me to focus on the external environment of an organization so I can determine direction. I like their planning model.

External Realities

  • Financial History of Your Industry
  • Overall Business Environment
  • Customer Base
  • Root-Cause Analysis

Internal Activities

  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • People
  • Organization

Financial Targets

  • Operating Margins
  • Cash Flow
  • Capital Intensity
  • Revenue Growth
  • Return on Investment


  • Iteration produces tested actionable models

I feel something coming together in me, but it is difficult to express it. Somehow, I must lead/manage, but it is not leading a sole company. It is leading an organization that combines dunamis, sophia, and agape.

Bibliography: 1. Bossidy, Larry and Ram Charan. Confronting Reality: Doing what Matters to Get Things Right. Crown Business: New York, 2004.

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