On Faith Amidst Uncertainty

On Faith Amidst Uncertainty

Posted on:Apr 29 2010
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Elsewhere, I have written about living within a framework even while you investigate its tenets. I appropriate a universe, and then while adopting its rules, I challenge them all. This may leave the impression that my faith in Christ is only a construct that I hold onto in the face of my doubt – that it borders, even, on anti-realism. But I disavow anti-realism (on grounds which I cannot write about here).

There is way to be married for twenty-five years, to love this woman with all of your heart, to trust her with your life, and yet never know for certain what the next day holds in your relationship. I’m incipient. I may have misjudged her for twenty-five years. I cannot predict the future. In so many ways, on so many levels, I am vulnerable. Yet, I CHOOSE TO LOVE HER WITH ALL THAT I AM. My love is not rooted in some kind of ethereal, anti-realist construct. It’s rooted in the tension between my uncertainty, and my commitment.

If my wife has been real to me, God has been even more. So I live, and I die, giving all. This is faith. Faith must be expressed amidst uncertainty. It is never to be confused with certainty. Where certainty exists, faith is unnecessary. Where uncertainty exists faith is (absolutely) necessary.

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