On Genesis 1:28

On Genesis 1:28

Posted on:Aug 19 2009
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The phrase “be fruitful and multiply” in Genesis 1:28 is often seen as a Great Commission verse. I believe this is a proper interpretation in as far as it goes, but I also believe that this interpretation unduly restricts the full power of this verse. Within this phrase lies the force of the entire human mission. It is the key to understanding how you reflect the glory of God.

For some time I have been reflecting on G1. The more I reflect, the more I realize the sheer significance of physicality in the plan of creation. The manifestation of God’s creative force in creating spirit is as legitimate as in creating flesh. In other words, the act of giving life to spirit is no less than the act of giving life to flesh.

This is also true as it relates to inanimate objects. It is important to note this point, so that one may consider the sheer emphasis of creation in G1. The emphasis is on the material, the physical.

When you combine these last two points, you are able to note that there is a significant theological expression in G1. I am still grappling with its implications. Nevertheless, I find it leads to a fresh understanding of God’s intent for mankind.

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