On How to Balance the Tensions of Life

On How to Balance the Tensions of Life

Posted on:Jun 05 2014
Captured by:Paul C
Method:Previous Writings

Most of life is maintained with tensions. It is setting the proper tensions that actually allow someone to balance generosity with savings, to balance investing with expending. In so many areas one must seek to balance tensions. Often these tensions are so forceful that they seem impossible to tame.

You cannot tame tension, you must balance it with an opposing force, and to do so externally, you must achieve a proper condition internally. This requires you to balance inputs. It becomes as practical as this: You need to consider what you are reading. One sort of book will stimulate a certain force; another will stimulate a different force. Being careful to keep all of these components balanced will allow you to transcend the contradiction of life and transform it into a paradox.


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