On How to Ground the Missiological Piece for Cambridge

On How to Ground the Missiological Piece for Cambridge

Posted on:Dec 11 2007
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I am looking for a way to ground the missiological piece I would like to do on strategy for business. I suppose I could begin in John 1. I could speak of the Logos. From this I could draw my thoughts about content, distribution, and energy. Then I could trace their implications through church history and contemporary models.

I would see them as statements of missiological strategy. I would be contending that the best missiological strategy is the one articulated by God Himself. This is a very cogent argument. If there is no God, and/or if there is no expression of God to mankind, then one might argue that there is no missiological imperative. But if there is a God, and/or if this God expresses Himself to mankind, then the means in which He does so could form a persuasive missiological model.

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