On Human Beings as Plural

On Human Beings as Plural

Posted on:Aug 08 2014
Captured by:Austin M
Method:Previous Writings

I think that human beings are to be considered in the plural, even when referring to them as single individuals. This is indeed a paradox. At times I feel like I am human being(s) – plural intended. I’m not talking about a bi-polar mental condition. I am talking about streams of independent (and often conflicting) consciousness. I think a man may view a relationship from any one of these various streams and draw any number of tenuous conclusions.

As we look back on ourselves, we tend to select one and say, “That is who I am.” We then explain the others away (the other manifestations of our “isness”) calling them momentary lapses – the result of weakness or confusion. But in this way we distort reality, in all of its plurality, by subscribing to a select version of it. The Psalmist pleaded, Oh God, “Give me an undivided heart.” He, like me, was human being(s). Kierkegaard taught, “Purity of heart is to will one thing.” Unity is integrity is unity.


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