On Inadequate Ministry (Jeremiah 6:14)

On Inadequate Ministry (Jeremiah 6:14)

Posted on:Oct 16 2008
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Jeremiah 6:14 says: “They dress the wounds of my people as though they were not serious, ‘peace, peace’ they would say when there is no peace.” As I study this passage, I feel my own soul pierced. How many times do people come for ministry? How many times do we “dress their wounds as if they were not serious”? We may say they are serious, but we don’t truly behave as though they are.

People come to us in dire need. They come to us with life and death struggles. We pray for them at an altar for ten minutes and send them on their way.

Something is wrong. It is true that this text may not directly be addressing the problem I am discussing. But somehow it increases my conviction that we must do more.

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