On Leadership and Assessing Risk in New Hires

On Leadership and Assessing Risk in New Hires

Topic:Leadership, Interviews
Posted on:Jun 20 2017
Captured by:Flint M

When the leader places someone in a strategic position, the first question they should ask is not the standard question: is this the right hire? But rather a more nuanced question: will this new hire do harm? This second question helps us assess risk. Here is the challenge: those who can do really well are those who can also cause serious harm. So, the leader needs to determine how big a change is needed (and change is always needed, even if it is just improvement) before they determine who they should empower to make that change. There is an inverse relationship between risk and reward with every hire.


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  1. With the Military culture related to the change process every decision maker approaches it from a different perspective. Some of the leadership will be less aggressive in the way change is done others are more blunt. For me it is outcome of the change process that matters and if the new hire has the ability (emotional disconnect) that the change process needs to be done quickly with the least pain so be it.

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