On Leadership and Decision Making

On Leadership and Decision Making

Posted on:Jun 07 2016
Captured by:Flint M

We often misconstrue the leader’s task; we think that he must make decisions and that these decisions must be right.  We categorize his decisions into right or wrong.  In fact, sometimes the leader’s decisions are neither right nor wrong. They may be both. What’s more important is that they are consistent in their fit.  If a decision is wrong then it is wrong. Certainly, this isn’t beneficial, but even a wrong decision that is consistent with right decisions may produce a gain. At the very least, it shows the leader to be consistent.

Beyond this point, some decisions are neither wrong nor right, they are just decisions with consequences.  In such cases, it’s more important to view the decision within its cluster.  It represents a node within a cluster of decision nodes. If the leader makes decisions that are consistent, he is establishing direction and even velocity.  For some organizations, this direction and this velocity is more important than the individual outcome of a particular (but not a high impact) decision


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