On Leadership and the Artful Use of the Three Tenses

On Leadership and the Artful Use of the Three Tenses

Posted on:Jan 06 2018
Captured by:Flint M

The leader must manage the present tense in view of the past and the future. Never let the present tense distort your perspective. This is especially true of relationships. The only valid use of the two tenses, past and future, is to improve the present. Too often, we carry, from the past, negative influences such as guilt or bitterness; too often, we borrow, from the future, negative influences, such as fear or worry. The past and the future do not exist (physics), except as concepts (philosophy) with which to empower our present. Looking at the future or remembering the past, in the best way, can inspire my present tense action. The artful leader disciplines their use of the three tenses to produce the highest and best performance “now”. 


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  1. JEff Mansen says:

    I, "Observed", that this observation was captured on, "Feb 26, 2018". Perhaps there is more to, "the tenses", than you are letting on!?

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