On Leadership as Sacrifice

On Leadership as Sacrifice

Posted on:Feb 03 2016
Captured by:David J
Method:Previous Writings

A prerequisite for leadership is to be willing to sacrifice. Many of us are willing to sacrifice time and energy. Most of us are not prepared to make the sacrifice of honor. If one seeks leadership as a means of self-validation, they should flee before it is too late. It will be better for that individual to become a policeman or teacher. Leadership will strip you. It is not the road to confidence.

The effective leader will constantly be second-guessed. He must be prepared to be wrong and then admit it to his entire team. He must be prepared to be right, and still be thought of as wrong by his entire team. You will not gain status; you will lose status. The only relief comes when you have reached the age of one like Billy Graham, and during those final hallowed years you may receive some recognition. If one desires to lead, they need to lay down the need to be respected. Leadership does not equate with popularity.


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