On Living with My Whole Body

On Living with My Whole Body

Posted on:Nov 15 2007
Captured by:David J

Children play using their whole body. They live with their whole body. If you watch them for a few moments only, you will notice that their entire physiology is animated.

It seems the older we get the more confined we become. We diminish from freedom to restriction. It’s notable that in the beginning of this process, the movement is voluntary. We allow ourselves to slow down. As time passes this voluntary limitation increases involuntarily.

Age itself runs rampant through our body, seeping first into those places which we have allowed to become dormant. I expect that if I can live with my whole body, throughout my life, at least as much as I can voluntarily, then I can stave off the involuntary. One does not grow old; one shrivels into old.

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