On Maintaining a Spiritual Center in the Midst of Activity

On Maintaining a Spiritual Center in the Midst of Activity

Posted on:Dec 04 2007
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It seems important to move through the business day ensconced in some form of spiritual cocoon. Now at first this may sound surreal, but if one has centered oneself properly in the morning, then one should be able to maintain a spiritual perspective throughout the day.

This sensitivity to the other world, this Kingdom view, this fellowship with the King, must be a state that transcends personal circumstances.

Now, again, this approach may seem “other worldly.” But I am not suggesting that one should deny absolute reality or personal responsibility (as in some forms of monastic excess). I am suggesting that if one does not maintain their internal center independent of external circumstances, one may not be able to accurately determine personal responsibility or absolute reality

In praxis, I am suggesting that one begins the day building internal fortifications, entering into a kind of spiritual clarity. Then one may face the various challenges of life with a centered peace.

More needs to be written; I know I need to explain more.

This observation comes out of experience, but I have discovered that if I can immerse myself in this authentic spiritual condition, then I can move through the particulars of the day engaged with the realities but detached enough to perceive the best course of action.

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