On Maximizing the Productivity of My Thinking Time

On Maximizing the Productivity of My Thinking Time

Posted on:Oct 08 2009
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Yet again I am writing on productivity. I realize that I am still only capturing a fraction of my core thoughts. I think in most cases most thought leaders have codified their primary thinking in several key works. Sometimes these are masterpieces. But because of technical limitation, at least in part, these rigorous thinkers have not been able to fully harness their potential. They have set down other thoughts in their journals. In some cases the value of their journals have superseded the value of their written works. At this time in history, with such remarkable technology at our disposal, we should be capturing and producing more than we have in the past.

Of course there is a danger that this kind of capacity can contribute to a degradation in quality. But if ones motivation is pure, it is still right to produce “more.” Out of the “more” the “better and best” may be extracted.

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