On My Work with the XEL-Defense Team

On My Work with the XEL-Defense Team

Posted on:Feb 22 2011
Captured by:David J

Thus far, I have kept all of my observations regarding my work in XEL-Defense separate. I have posted nothing on the blog, and I’m not certain what I should do at this point. I’m still building a body of research in this area, and I am questioning what to do as I move forward. I think the multifarious work reflects an opportunity for synthesis. This synthesis connects to my understanding of worshipping with the whole being. I want to be careful that specialization does not warp my soul.

We live in a day when over specialization brings achievement, and thus honor. But I question such honor. The businessman who builds a mighty enterprise, but who discourages family in the process, is in error. We vaunt him for his work in business, and we quietly ignore his failure as a husband and father. I don’t want to be harsh on this person. I am in error in many areas. I do however; want to consider the effectiveness of the whole person. It is only in this way that we can measure the success of his business activities. I realize that this observation implies a two edged sword. I realize that when we judge any man by the whole of his life, especially me, there will be great disappointment. Nevertheless, I think that the compartmentalization of expertise keeps us from truly judging the effectiveness of a person. A man who is capable in business, and at the same time is establishing work-life balance, may serve as a better model. His achievements may be less extreme on the surface, but in aggregate, they are more formidable.

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