On Patience in a Crisis

On Patience in a Crisis

Posted on:Dec 11 2007
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As the persecution increases in India, I find myself driven to engage the conflict. It is natural for me to move into the struggle, as I want to protect the children and I want to aid my friends. I do not want to offer them encouragement from the sidelines some thousands of miles away. I want to show up, unexpectedly, and stand shoulder to shoulder and resist the threat. But even this I cannot do except in obedience to the King.

I am praying. I have prayed. I seek permission.

It is harder to give nothing than to give everything. If it were up to me, I would be on a plane now. But unless I get orders “from above,” I must remain at my post. It is true that I will do all that I can from here. But it will take supreme self-control to remain in this place.

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