On Perceiving a Change in One’s Destiny

On Perceiving a Change in One’s Destiny

Posted on:Jan 26 2010
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In science fiction, whole stories have been based upon the notion of altering the future by changing its past. And while I cannot add to such speculation, I do know that there are times when my future seems to change. This requires explanation…

In essence, my present behavior sometimes forebodes a particular future which feels almost certain. This behavior, or rather this chain of behaviors, continually points towards a kind of “virtually inevitable outcome”. One gets used to living with, even straining towards such expectations.

But I have seen how a change in my present behavior, can seem to produce another all-together different “inevitable outcome”. The key word is “feels”. The feeling changes (even if the future doesn’t). When the feeling changes I discover anew the difference between faith and confidence.

In these moments, I must allow my faith to triumph over my confidence.

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