On Philosophy as Worship

On Philosophy as Worship

Posted on:Aug 21 2008
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Philosophy as Worship

  1. Ultimate
  2. Incipient
  3. Incipient perceives the possibility of the Ultimate
  4. Response: Helplessness. Fear/Awe.
  5. Incipient perceives goodness
  6. Response: Worship

Any other response reflects a failure to consider the nature of Incipient and the nature of the Ultimate.

Here is a brief outline for a potential paper:

  1. Nature (of Ultimate)
  2. Nature (of Incipient)
  3. Perception/Response: Fear
  4. Perception/Response: Worship
  5. Differential
    The primary explanation of our problems in philosophy
  1. Implications
    Grace: Without help from the Ultimate all is lost
    Humility: One must approach life with a certain contriteness/humility
    Polarization: One may expect extreme a response-embracement or offense

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