On Physicality and the Potential for Delight

On Physicality and the Potential for Delight

Posted on:Apr 24 2014
Captured by:David J
Method:Previous Writings

I think there is much to be derived about the potential of the ultimate and the condition of human kind by imagining the human being’s full potential for delight. At times I catch glimpses of what it would be like to experience total delight. I use the word delight rather than the word joy. I believe this delight would be a contributor to joy. It would be more cause than ultimate effect. But what about the delight I sense when my children throw their arms around my neck, or the delight I sense when I see the perfect sunrise, or the delight I sense when I feel my body straining in athletic effort? At such times I taste delight, but it remains only a taste.

Sometimes, I fathom what it would feel like for all of my senses to be fully saturated. I realize then that we underestimate the gift of our own physicality. What if there is the ultimate, and what if the ultimate intends to maximize this potential? Such thoughts are overwhelming.


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