On Prayer as Living

On Prayer as Living

Posted on:Feb 15 2008
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As years pass, I have noted increasing changes in my prayer life. Often, I am filled with a deep sense of passion. Sometimes, it occurs while I am driving down the road and I hear a song that reminds me of my wife. Sometimes, it occurs while I am perched in a tree stand, 30 feet above the forest ground, and my senses are filled with the sounds of the wood. Sometimes, it i occurs while I am on my boat slipping quietly through the back waters. This stirring within me is a signal to pray.

It is not just these times. This urge comes when I feel that restlessness inside, when I feel deep pervasive concern for my children’s future, when I feel the urge to take a long walk. I do not understand what is happening inside of me, but I have come to learn that if I pray in these moments, something remarkably fulfilling occurs. I am still learning what all of this means, but I have this sense that prayer is inextricably connected with living.

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