On Pure, Uninterrupted Blocks of Productive Thinking

On Pure, Uninterrupted Blocks of Productive Thinking

Posted on:Nov 15 2007
Captured by:David J

For years, I have set aside specific blocks of time in which to focus my activities. But I think I can accomplish still more if I can concentrate deeper during these blocks. The key will be to minimize the interruptions which draw me out of my thinking depth.

The difficulty is in the transitions. I think I am losing some moments during the transitions. It is also extremely difficult to shift intellectual gears. I certainly make the shift, but I think it is somewhat messy. My internal system keeps harking back to the last thinking challenge, making it difficult to engage in the next.

My next productivity breakthrough may come only through an internal improvement. If I can engage in deeper, almost pure, uninterrupted blocks of productive thinking and prayer, then I can absolutely control output with my calendar.

I have already tried to do this, but I think I can do it better.

Somehow I must be able to do more.

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