On Refining the Value Proposition Heuristic

On Refining the Value Proposition Heuristic

Posted on:Oct 12 2012
Captured by:Austin M
The value proposition heuristic unfolds in iterations. It is itself a self-optimizing entity. What follows is a further set of observations and refinements. Much of this will be detailed in my forthcoming book:

1. The value proposition heuristic is useful in analyzing a message

2. Perception and reception are necessary for acceptance

3. Acceptance is the end-state

4. By viewing the variables as cognitive conclusions, the mathematical operators become almost superfluous

5. Acceptance is both necessary and sufficient, and thus to some degree it is distinct from the other elements

6. We can likely use “⁞” to represent the relationship between all the variables.

7. The danger is amplified semantically by substituting the terms for the ten cognitive conditions. These must be thought of as cognitive conditions and not just variable terms.

8. We may consider dropping the terminology, retaining the symbols, but utilizing the conclusions.

9. If the heuristic appears too mathematical, it will attract unwarranted emphasis on the operators, and thus detract from its utility. It is not an equation.

10. The value proposition must be thought of in terms of essence, claim, and acceptance. Essence is an actualization of value. Claim is a declaration of value. Acceptance is a reception of value. One may think of these terms as essential value, declared value, and accepted value.


  1. VfAc – CfAc = Nf
  2. Vf = Ap ⁞ Ex
  3. Cf = Mt ⁞ Mn
  4. Ac = Cl ⁞ Cr

Wherein (cognitive conclusions):

Nf = Net Force – It is (really) worth this much

Vf = Value Force – Its value is this

Cf = Cost Force – Its cost is this

Ac = Acceptance – I accept it

Ap = Appeal – I want it

Ex = Exclusivity – I can’t get it anywhere else

Cr = Credibility – I believe in it/you

Cl = Clarity – I understand it/you

Mt = Material – I need to pay this much

Mn = Mental – I need to do this much

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