On Revival

On Revival

Posted on:Jul 31 2009
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The formula for revival I have used thus far is: rv = cdr2
It might better be restated as this: rv = cd(r2)
We need a clear way to illustrate that “r” squares the entire formula.

Rv itself may be substituted as ke, changing the formula to ke = cdr2
Wherein “ke = kingdom expansion” as opposed to “rv = revival”

On a molecular level, the level we should always begin on, one must imagine transformation of an individual. This may be described as discipleship.

On a complex level, one must imagine transformation of a collective. This may be described as ecclesiology. I wonder, then, if ecclesiology may be simplified as the collective work of discipleship. This disciple embodies Christ. Church is the body of Christ. (Just thinking about these points recalls the angst in my earlier observation about the central website. I need some way to tie all of these thoughts together.)

At this juncture in my observation, I find it difficult to determine the right course. Should I focus on the molecular level, or should I move to the more complex level? Rather than stall in the midst of inner argument or rational conundrums, I prefer to make an arbitrary choice. On the basis of attraction (a persuasive if not always reasonable motivator), I shall address the complex level.

So then, back to the thought-experiment proper.

Imagine an organization composed of like-minded leaders from the 3rd element. They are pooling their resources. Three of which may be identified for the present: The first is leadership. The second is capital. The third is technology. (In actuality, I need to verify or validate the thesis that these three are preeminent in the third element. Further, I need to clarify that my reference to the third element is rooted in Newtonian theory as opposed to military theory.)

Regarding leadership: they provide strategic board involvement and mentoring. Regarding capital: they provide charitable contributions and investment. Regarding technology: they provide state-of-the-art support.

This force is applied with great focus. The council would need to develop a criterion by which they concentrate their resources on those opportunities which contribute to the highest kingdom yield.

On a personal level (the molecular), they would be seeking to reproduce the life of Christ.

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