On Reviving the Appreciation of Management

On Reviving the Appreciation of Management

Posted on:Dec 30 2014
Captured by:Austin M
Method:Previous Writings

For some time I have been sensing and stating that the real key to accomplishing the most is valued in today’s leadership culture. It is the concept, “management.” I have fallen in love with this word.

The more I ponder the more I realize that management is the lever by which most can be accomplished. Somehow, in our society, the concept of management has taken a second position to the concept of leadership. I do not believe in a leadership model that is devoid of a core management competency. I prefer the word “management” over the word “leadership.” Management is a more humble term.

In the meantime, I have come across a text that seems to underscore my point. This morning I was reading Jim Collins and Gerry Porras’ book “Built to Last.” Its second chapter corroborates my recent perception. They constantly extol those organizations whose focus was on building the company as opposed to building the product.

The authors call it “clock building,” not “time telling.”

They prefer the word “architect” over the word “leader.” I know instinctively what they are trying to say. It does not surprise me that their analyzed data indicate that charismatic leaders have not been as effective in the long term as careful managers. These findings are so encouraging.

It takes one’s emphasis off, “the next big thing” and it puts one’s emphasis on building the organization.

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